Fun Bridal Shower Game Idea for Every Age

By: Randy Wilson

When planning a bridal shower, be sure to include fun games appropriate for all attendees. If you are in need of a great bridal shower game idea, consider taking favorite party games and adding a matrimonial twist! When planning games for your bridal shower, be sure to include games that can include guests of all ages, as many brides wish to include younger individuals on their guest list. By preparing games all parties can participate, you will ensure the bridal shower is a great success!

If teenagers or children are planning to attend the bridal shower, you may want to consider putting a general rating on your bridal shower game idea. Many games tend to be more appropriate for an older audience and will be found too risque to play in the presence of the younger crowd. Do not think that the only fun games are risque games--many of these great ideas are just as fun and much more accepting to a mixed crowd. Consider planning a brief game at the beginning of the shower to introduce everyone and serve as an icebreaker.

One great bridal shower game idea is a twist on an old favorite--Bingo! You can either purchase pre-made Bingo cards that have been designed in a wedding theme or choose to make your own. These cards can be made quickly, easily, and quite inexpensively. Instead of letters and numbers, use special wedding themed words or phrases, like bride, groom, or I do.

A great way to entertain guests and save time in the planning process for the wedding shower is to allow individuals to make their own Bingo cards, which provides you with another great bridal shower game idea. Provide the shower guests with pre cut cards that have been already marked with the Bingo grid. Be sure to have enough pens, colored pencils, or markers to go around so that everyone will be able to participate in the creation and decoration of her (or his!) own card. You may even want to create a competition and have everyone vote on the best designed and decorated card.

Be sure to provide guests with a list of potential wedding words when creating their Bingo game card. After everyone has completed and decorated the cards, begin the game of Bingo. Do not forget to have prizes on hand prizes on hand for the winners! This bridal shower game idea is great for including everyone in the party.

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