The Ultimate Girls Night Out

By: Irek Galecki
Getmintedbingo are offering 'The Ultimate Girls Night Out'. Players need to enter in the next two weeks for their chance to win. (PRWEB) February 13, 2005 -- Getminted, the onliine game people are running a large media campaign starting today in The Sun giving away 'The Ultimate Girl's Night Out' to one lucky winner who registers with Getminted Bingo ( The Sun was chosen as the ideal place to get the message out to new perspective players as it is the most widely read UK newspaper. The lucky prize winner and 10 friends will be whisked away by limousine to the best restaurant and night club in their local city plus they will all be put up for the night in an exclusive hotel - Imagine the fun they are going to have! The more friends of yours that register and play together, the greater the chances of them winning this awesome prize. Getminted Bingo is the UK's largest online bingo experience. The site offers popular chat rooms and live games played every minute. People can meet and have fun whilst playing bingo online for large prizes, from the comfort of their armchair. Every weekend a special coverall 25,000 pot is up for grabs and on Wednesdays players have a 1000 coverall game offered every hour. Bingo is the fastest growing online game in the UK and plan to spend 3m getting new users to its site in 2005. It couldn't be easier for people to enter the prize draw - simply visit the site and play Bingo now for a chance to win in the next two weeks. Getminted Bingo is owned by Cashcade Ltd, the UK's best online game destination. Cashcade also operate:, and Cashcade pays out over 15 million in prizes every month to users of its sites.

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